"A Happening": The Definition of Live

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Most people go to shows and watch them.

When you go to a show and just watch you are a non-participant.

I help put together an event called Artist's Night Out where most people who go to the show also participate in it.

Tomorrow, Friday August 22, 2008 at 8 p.m., is the next evolution of this process.

At Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas, TX will be a show called "A Happening".

The idea is that those who go don't just share stuff (aka Artist's Night Out), they actually create new material on the spot.

For people who have any curiosity about process - this show is for you.

Writers will be writing, painters will be painting, and musicians will be making music - all unscripted and raw.

I expect it to be a really rollicking great time. I don't expect anything to be "finished", I don't expect any "masterpieces", but I do think that the creative energy transferring between genres will be insane, that the music will be absolutely amazing, and that it will be a very unique and laid-back event.

"A Happening" is the brain child of Richard Blackwell, lead guitarist and band leader of Faint Image. He will be joined by his wife and the best electric violinist I have ever heard, Vikki Blackwell. Micky Patterson will be on drums, Ron Davison (who has played with Eryka Badu) will be on percussion. Kenny Reynolds will be on upright bass.

Mario de la Torres, a Spanish guitar player, will be joined by Christopher Gouch on sax and Richard Hallmark on harmonica (both blues players).

There will also be a couple of harpists and a keyboard player as well.

In addition some of Dallas' best spoken word artist's will be in the building including Will Richey, Tiffany Brasley (OMG one of my favorite poets), and A.J. Houston.

Finally Ron Davison will also be doing live painting, and yours truly will be both painting and writing.

"A Happening" is a free and open event and anyone with an instrument, canvas, or paper and pen is welcomed and encouraged to join in the fun.

It will end sometime between midnight and two a.m. depending on the crowd.

Look forward to seeing you there and remember - You Can't Fake Real.

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