You Can't Fake Real

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The first slogan of Art Star was "where the best young artist's live and play"

It was a solid slogan. It indicated that there would be a level of excellence associated with the blog (best) and that the focus would be artistic. It also showed that the blog would have lots of content (live) but would also be fun (play). Finally it showed that the emphasis of the blog would focus on a younger demographic.

The second slogan of Art Star was "where the best young artist's and thinkers live and play"

I had realized that some of our writers weren't artists and neither were a lot of readers. However, there was definitely an eclectic vibe to the whole thing, and it was becoming fun and we didn't want to limit anybody.

The third slogan for Art Star was "where we're never caught chasing cool".

While the first two slogans attempted to define both the writers and the readers of Art Star, this third slogan actually started to get at core values. Most everything the blog was doing was unconventional. From having multiple writers, to not having a set subject matter, to how we were growing, isn't what is recommended. The blog was definitely eclectic but not necessarily trendy. It reflected the opinions and interests of the bloggers - in a holistic sense - you might get a post about politics, pop culture, religion, music, sports, etc.

But the value was that the people who write Art Star are real people who are genuinely interesting and have lots of different interests and tastes. We aren't always serious, or always artsy, or always anything. We are just ourselves and not trying to live up to any sort of ideal. The bloggers write about whatever is on their mind - there isn't an agenda - not even "coolness".

The fourth and fifth slogans are "unofficial" slogans from the Art Star facebook group.
They are "fresh good news" and "damn those boi'z gud". These slogans represented a new emphasis in the blog to highlight emerging talent (fresh good news) and the fact we were starting to realize the impact of our previous slogans (damn those boi'z gud).

Our new slogan is "you can't fake real".

This slogan might be here to stay. It both attempts to define and transcend what Art Star is - and also what it is not. It holds the guidelines for which we judge our content. Like "coolness" realness is something that you either have or you don't. You can't manufacture it, you can't bottle it, you can't sell it - all you can do is recognize it. In a world that is constantly bombarded with illusions (hollywood) , with fake press releases, with marketing campaigns that sell absolutely nothing - we wanted Art Star to be different.

We want it to be a place where smart, talented, creative people can share their ideas, their influences, and their opinions with each other and our readers.

We want to expose our readers to other people who are doing "real" things that we like and admire.

The quality of Art Star is more a reflection of who we are as "real people" than of any overarching agenda or purpose.

It is rooted in the belief that just as we try to be "real people" our readers are also "real people" as well.

We aren't always one way, we change our minds, we like different stuff, we have lots of interests, we have dreams, we have aspirations, we fail, we love, we struggle, we try to do good, we can be mean, we can be ugly, we can be great.

This is who we are.

This is something we can't fake.

This is Art Star.

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