Yankees are rebuilding the fast way, the ski mask way...

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This is why I love the Yankees. (And probably why you hate them.)

It doesn't even feel like this is the same season where we were trailing the newly exorcized Tampa Bay Rays for the division crown by a kijillion games. We took it to Boston last weekend and stomped the Orioles 13-3 today. Matter of fact, the Yanks have won 8 of their last 11 games and are a mere 4 games out of first. And now we have Pudge?!

Just yesterday I got a little shook when I read Posada was done for the season. Granted he isn't the only catcher we've used this season, but you can't underestimate his history of coming through and being a critical part of our postseason success. 

Even before Posada went down for the count, the Yankee massive have been crying for a retooling of a lineup that we at least hoped was underachieving. Even the supposed titan offense was looking lackluster, not to mention the pitching which, in spite of Pettitte's solid year and Chamberlain's rising star, was questionable at best. 

But then I forgot, I am a fan of the team that strikes fear in the hearts of fanbases all across this country. How could I forget that it is my team that waits for your favorite player to reach his potential (or in some cases his one good season) before we rip him from your team, and in the metaphorical, overly poetic sense, your overbleeding hearts.

Gotta give props to my main man (do you remember Inside Stuff when Ahmad Rashad called every player in the league this?) Brian Cashman for keeping this legacy strong. He traded an iTunes gift card to the Pirates Xavier Nady and Damaso Narte, today's trade for Pudge allowed us to sell Kyle Farnsworth while he was still tradeable, and we're more than likely gonna punk the Mariners into giving us Jarrod Washburn for 20 cents to the dollar. 

All you kids out there dreaming about turning your dreams into real profit, turn off your iPod and read about your favorite hustler's favorite hustler.

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