American Apparel. Not just chasing porn.

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Thank Gawker for this.

In the realm of NSFW advertisements, a realm in which American Apparel excels like no other, where exactly do you draw the line between provocative photography, and tasteless exploitation? The question comes up a lot in today's media-oversaturated world. Its a question oozing from every awkwardly-timed Enzyte ad between segments of your favorite [adult swim] cartoon. Its a question we ponder whenever we get the next "tasteful" morsels from photographer Annie Leibowitz. While we can ponder the nature of such things until the world ends, we must admit that flirting with that line has its advantages. After all, its what got Leibowitz famous in the first place. Sure, she may be a manipulative, somewhat racist hag, but at the end of the day, the bitch gets paid.

The same goes for American Apparel CEO Dov Charney. Hero to the migrant worker, hipster god, and Ritalin poster boy, Charney is the best thing to happen to the line between kiddie porn and Miley Cyrus since someone leaked those "frisky" cell phone pics. Below you'll find the latest advertisement for...something...from the LA-based clothing company. Oh, Dov, no boss gets their employees to lick some nuts like you can.

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