Mind on Shuffle...(Heroes and Villains Edition)

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Just finished watching the ESPYs...definitely a solid award show. Makes you laugh, think, and get hype as you remember your favorite moments in sports.

Have we seen a year in sports like 2008? Definitely the year of the underdog. Every category seemed to have teams or individuals that were in the dumps last year, stuntin serious!

Couldn't stand to see T.O give the Giants an award but it was all love.

Ray Allen definitely had the line of the night. After winning best team on stage at the Nokia Theatre, he cooly proclaims, "Another win in LA"

Michael Strahan is truly winning. Retire a champ, win bout 3 ESPYS, and have the former Mrs. Murphy on your arm. Kudos to you good sir. Please give A-Rod some notes as he is about 25 years late if he thinks it is cool to holla at Madonna

Biggups to the Pope for apologizing and visiting victims of clergy sex abuse in Australia. 

I'm making a list for a full feature article on Art Star about the roughest and toughest villains. But I want your help! Send me your nominees, I'll put an article together showcasing their badness, and we will vote to see who is the "real badman" 

Nominees can be villains in film, television, history, music, or literature. Fictional or non-fictional. Dead, living, or undead. 

Questions? Hit me up on that comments section. Ya dig?!

4 comment(s) to... “Mind on Shuffle...(Heroes and Villains Edition)”


Austin said...

Iago from Othello.

PicturesqueMusiq said...

Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson)from Unbreakable

N. Steven said...

I'll have to say Doomsday, that jive turkey who got Superman.

timemeansnothing said...

The Joker in The Dark Knight. I'll never look at a pencil the same way again.

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