There's a new joke going around...have you heard it?

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Metaphorical daps (no terrorist fist-jab) are in order for the Big Aristotle. In what has been a questionable year in hip-hop, the Diesel has managed to create the most scathing dis record of the year. 

While it will definitely not go down in the pantheon of diss records like "Hit Em Up", "Ether" or "The Bridge is Over", you can't deny the impact Shaq has made with this foolish freestyle. You've got everyone from ESPN to E! commenting on his lyrical jabs at the Black Mamba and whether it is indicative of their feud's resurrection. Personally, I couldn't care less-- Suns would get worked going against Kobe's crew (if Bynum is healthy of course) and I'd say the Big Cactus' days of getting rings are over. 

Whether said in jest or through malice, Shaq-Fu came with that realness, unadulterated truth that always serves as the greatest form of hate..."Last week Kobe couldn't do without me."

However you wanna slice it or dice it...amount of rings Shaq has without Kobe=1

Kobe without Shaq? 0...It burns don't it? 

There is no way Shaq can claim innocence in this episode. His chorus may serve as this summer's "I'm Rick James, Bitch!" 

Which reminds mindlessly entertaining Shaq's freestyle is. My favorite stupid song right now is this Baltimore Club mix using Chappelle's Rick James impression. 

Enjoy below...and don't say I never gave y'all nothing. 

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