A moment of prayer for the New York Knicks

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Dear God,

As the omniscient Creator you already know that tomorrow is the NBA Draft

Lord, I don't need to remind you about how difficult it has been (my whole life!) as a loyal fan of the New York Knicks. We've been through a lot, Father, and I have been patient. You took us through the 90s, when Jordan tortured us year after year. We'd always come close but never close enough. And you were merciful! You allowed him to retire and gave us our chance to beat those Bulls. I thank you for leading us to do so and You even let us get to the Finals then! 

My family prayed a whole lot then. One night we had to pray even extra because Hakeem looked poised to run away with the series, and O.J was tryna run out of the country! But we held on as they pushed the series to a game 7. But then Lord...


But your mercy endureth...and you brought us back to the Eastern Conference Finals the next year, to play the Pacers again. But then Lord, things got rough. I will never forget where I was (Sunday afternoon in the kitchen watching the tv) when the spirit of confusion led Patrick to finger roll instead of dunk that fateful day in Indianapolis. I knew the devil was busy that year because our tormentor returned and dropped 55 on us his first game back in the garden! Yet, another year without a championship.

 The Bulls were back to their normal selves after adding one of the most peculiar players on the planet and they stomped through my Knicks thoroughly on their way to a 4th title. 

But something felt different about that next season and I KNEW that we would finally triumph over our enemies. You blessed us with a 57-25 record only to have us fall to a former ally and his minions on the South Beach. I didn't understand it...but I won't complain.

We would continue to fall short, and just when I gave up hope, you opened a new door. It was a bleak season. Cut short by a lockout, the 99-2000 season was only 50 games and we went 27-23. There were times when I wasn't sure we would even make the playoffs. But then...you opened the heavens with countless blessings. 

First, the miracle in Miami...

Then, the greatest 4 point play in NBA history...

Bless you Father bless you! You sent us to the Finals! And God, I want to apologize for being mad when we lost against the Spurs. I just didn't know how good we had it.

Soon we would trade my hero, and times haven't been good since.

I sometimes can't remember those days. I yearn for a thriller. It's been too long since my team had a legitimate shot. And I don't even know who they should pick in this draft but God they need help. And I want you to know I'm patient. If you decide not to bless us like our old rivals in Beantown, I won't complain. But Father, if that is your will, come 2010, I just wanna be a witness.

In your name,


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