a moderate, to dazzlingly awesome smoothie

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2 bananas
2 ripened Ataulfo mangoes
6 oz. vanilla, guava, or mango flavored yogurt
1/4-1/3 cup Welch's Healthy Tropical Sensation fruit juice (depending on desired thickness)
1 cup ice

1) Put the mushy stuff at the bottom, in order of reverse consistency (banana, then mango, then yogurt)

2) Add the ice, then juice.

3) Blend at low speed until well-pureed, then switch to high to smooth it out and break up any ice that may have escaped the blades of death.

The recipe will make enough for two people, or two servings for a starving person. I recommend these for breakfast. The Ataulfo mangoes are the smaller, orange ones you can find at some grocery stores or farmers markets. They're only in season from February to August, so act fast - the smoothie is still tasty, but isn't as good with the larger, green/red mango varieties.

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