a bit late for valentines day

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ok so i really like the lady and the tramp. who doesn't? the spaghetti that they don't notice mysteriously resisting their slurps, the italians performing to set the mood and the special table for two; all of these help remind us of the beginning of relationships and the spark that brings us together. Romance is lovely and great when it happens but music that brings out sensual investigation of two people is hard to come by.

four80east, verging on 11 years of jazz and groove production, emerged out of the toronto pop and advertising scene (thank god they changed focus).

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"table for two" came from their first album incredibly named the album (for the improvisation they do, you think their first album would be a bit more creatively named). the most recently released album en route (april 2007), has had moderate success but relies on much of what has made them successful. Starting of with a dark intro for "five by five" and continuing with a darker electronic funk that fits in between the jam sessions, the newest album on the surface (about all I am able to analyze) has not departed from the album.

"table for two" has been described by acquaintances of mine as a porn groove or overly repetitive jazz but it is not necessarily that simple. the bass in this song reminds me of two people deep in conversation, both passively nodding their heads because they are connecting with each other on a simplistic and sexual level. the piano alludes to the background music of a restaurant and possibilities later to come. enjoy the song and may you have a wonderful table for two in the days to come.

four 80 east

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