i see you cryin', but girl, i can't stay

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in what seems to be a reprise of the goodbye song from the carnival, one of the musical legacies that bob marley blessed the world with revisits the theme and finds a beautiful blend of classic reggae and soul.

i'm not sure if it was my intention to continue on this them but marley's song revisits the concept of maturation and a man on a journey. the rastafari culture encourages understanding or "overstanding" which is comparable to a more worldly enlightenment. the more songs i hear with personal growth as the theme, i realize that there is a natural desire to achieve a better understanding of your world and who you are. as a confession, my understanding of the rasta religion is limited to listening to music, reading articles, and going to concerts, hearing the performers speak their interpretation of their religion.

at a small stephen marley show following the release of his debut solo album, mind control, stephen performed with the passion and conviction of a evangelical preacher but the insight and clarity of a monk. as he performed the presence of his father came out through not only doing intense covers but also through his gratitude he showed his creator.

his career may follow that of his brothers', not to extend past the reggae followers and bob marley fans (there is a difference), but he has the talent and the zeal to be as musically moving as bob but to step out of his father's shadow is probably not what stephen wants nor is it possible.

Stephen Marley - Hey Baby

Stephen Marley- Hey Baby

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