Making Nothing out of Something

Posted 5/31/2008 by CtotheB in Labels: , , , , , , ,
Shame on you!

Yes, you, me, and all who've ever stepped by (whether literally or metaphorically) musicians on some "I've never heard of them before" elitist tip.

How can I put it to you? I just gotta speak it plain...

WALE is that truth!

Like for real, sincerely, enough to put D.C firmly on the hip-hop map

(Hell, he might be enough to "bring New York back" smh...)

Do yourself a favor and download "The Mixtape about Nothing"

Then go ahead and type Seinfeld into youtube or google and watch everything possible.

I'm on my way to Tennessee and will listen to this mixtape at least 40 times over the next week.

When I get's Finals time! Until then, read why Bill Simmons thinks it'll be Showtime 2k8.

Sidebar: Going back to the silly Wizards-Cavs "beef", why didn't the Wizards recruit Wale to hold it down for them and the Capital's honor?

Blow the whistle> Anything Soulja Boy will ever his life

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