All Hell Broken.

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Photograph by Amy Kristen

The tactfully side-stepped charade, the superficial patter of plastic tongues clicking against plastic roofs of mouths rattling in plastic heads garnished in metallic sparking shine

And the constant hummmm, the bass beneath my feet at 3:00 on a Tuesday night/morning and the vibrations of hills of encased iPhones being answered with headsets and insincere HELLO?s bellowed at maximum volume to disguise the insecurities hidden beneath the words

And the tap tap tap of five-inch-high heels and glinting patent leather on glass, marble, gold floors walking to a hollow destination at a pace that suggests the end is near, leaving trails of glitter glistening in the heels' red-traced path

And the clouds of dollar bills resting on the thick green layer of smog that hovers above the city, wilting and crumpling and decaying as the ragged frail underbelly stretches out its withered hands from miles below, watching as the paper crinkles into ashen dust

And the rush and dip and swirl of a world disguised by a shot or a smoke or a snort or a swallow and the thud as her head hits the wall and the wet warmth in the dark

And the colors and flash of lights and the big grand display, come one come all to the greatest show on earth, and the swiveling heads with hungry hypnotic eyes leering and luring and reaching into the pockets of the entranced

And the nails, the claws, the jagged teeth of fights staged in cages amongst the lions and bears and tigers but tastefully adorned with a lace pink bow and stardust and the rusty dagger dragging down his back

And me

And this city.

--Amy Kristen

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Quite the piece. Makes me a little disgusted I miss that city.

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