We are not losers.

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Feels good to be awake.

I just got back from a service trip with my middle schoolers in Little Haiti.* It's amazing how much energy you get from teaching (though it always leaves you dog tired). After 10 hours in the van, with another hour of driving ahead of us, I turned to my kids and said, “I love y’all but I am ready to go home.” Undoubtedly they agreed. Not that we weren’t having a good time! We filled the hours with stories and sleep but mostly music.

Music flowed throughout the whole trip as we picked our themesong, danced on the streets of Little Haiti and all of us, students and chaperones alike, felt the joy and pressure of sharing our music with the masses.

Initially we played it safe, sharing music that you’d hear on the radio or that you knew would be appreciated by your friends. The generational gap furthered the divide; students inundated the car with contemporary hits while chaperones dug into our ipod’s crates to find that “You ain’t up on this!” classic of yesteryear.

But really, how many times can one listen to Black and Yellow** or No Hands?

When it was my turn to plug in my iPod I didn’t know where to start.

I got caught between playing music that is dope and music that they (my fellow passengers) would like. My taste is fairly eclectic and I generally listen to music that helps me write (lyrics and otherwise) but it got me thinking about the difficulty that comes into making any kind of art.

I think the best art hits people on a variety of levels. You get the high end, intellectually stimulating stuff that still gets people interested who are like, “Ooh, that’s shiny!”

I’d much rather make an artifact than be hot but isn’t the truly timeless able to do both?

I don’t buy albums as much as I used to*** but one album I’m absurdly excited for is Lupe Fiasco’s latest effort.

I thought this album was NEVER going to come out after fans had to protest and petition just to get a release date but the fantasy is now reality.

I’d read that Atlantic wanted him to have a more commercial appeal and I believe Lupe has been able to achieve that with the records I have heard thus far off of Lasers.

Lupe is an emcee after KRS’ own heart. He is a master of edutainment. From I’m Beamin’, to The Show Goes On, Lupe uplifts and empowers while giving you a lil’ something to dance to.

On an interview with DJ Semtex, Lupe called “All Black Everything” his best song yet. And he is absolutely right.

This song has that eschatological flow; makes you feel like life can be better than this.

I’ve been playing it all day! Reminds me of a sermon I heard that talks about how one can tell unconditional love. When it's real, it adds value.

It’s not just about the hottest song, or using music to pass the time, the best art feeds the soul.

*They managed a fantastic blog with a ridiculously long name.
**Black and Yellow has successfully supplanted A Milli as the most over-remixed song of all time. (Sidenote: Did you know the official video has 45 million hits on youtube?! Applaud this man.) There should be a Rushmore for this sort of thing.
***As it is currently, mixtapes>>>albums

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