10 Ways to Become An Art Star and Get Away With Everything - What we do at Brave Art 2011

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I was not born an Art Star.
I was born a kid from DeSoto, Texas with very poor vision and a terrible speech impediment.
And I still have terrible vision and sometimes also have trouble pronouncing words.
I am not a genius – not even creatively.
There are people who are better than I am at almost everything I do.
So basically I am not a picture perfect creative genius with a trust fund. 
Not that there is anything wrong with that – it just isn’t my life.

So who is an Art Star?

Jeff Koons
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lil Monsters
Neal Cassady

Getting To Know Your Game:
Two Truths and a Lie

Things I have gotten away with:
1. Getting into Stanford University
2. Dating a real life princess
3. Being given a brand new BMW for a Spring Break trip
4. Getting to go to Panama and Mexico to make art
5. Being in an international exhibition at 19
6. Doing art ad campaign
7. Organizing an arts festival for a town in North Carolina
8. Becoming a fully licensed stock broker and financial planner
9. Getting my first millionaire financial advising client
10. Dating a former model/ Russian diplomat
11. Managing a music venue
12. Getting the first graphic artist to win a Pulitzer Prize to become a client
13. Dating one of the top visual artists in Texas under 35
14. Being a grant writer for a small town in Texas
15. Meeting Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Vince Young, Amare Stoudemire, Jamie Foxx
16. Having a conversation with Matisyahu
17. Having an intern
18. Teaching my first Brave Art workshop
19. Being allowed to teach another Brave Art workshop after my first Brave Art workshop
20. Redefining how much a poet gets paid in North Texas
21. Having wonderfully supportive and loving friends and family
1. Goals

Activity #1 – not what do you want, not what makes you happy, but what excites you?
What excites you can also be a good way to approach art making.
Example - the Arts Festival

2. Confidence
-Eye contact
Activity #2 – Practice being uncomfortable – eye gazing for 3 minutes

3) Daring
Myth #1 You need to be “qualified.”
“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” – Niel Bohr Dannish (Physicist and Nobel Prize winner)

Debunk#1 You need to have relationships
How to be good at relationships – be genuine – be real – learn how to listen.

It is better to be lucky than to be talented (although best to be both.)
Rule #1 When trying to decide between doing something and not doing something – 99% of the time doing something is the right answer.

“Action may not always bring happiness but there is no happiness without action” – Benjamin Disraeli

Myth #2 : You should set “realistic” goals.
Debunk #2 It is easier to achieve unrealistic goals than realistic ones.
Thinking: "I will never in a million years get this job, get accepted to this school, go to this place, meet this person, go on a date with this girl – let me try to find something that is doable for me and be happy."
Less people are doing unrealistic things/ Unrealistic things give you energy.

4. The Internet
-Anonymous vs Transparent
-Everywhere vs Selective
-Personal Brand - get your name out there first

5. Maximize Strengths first, then worry about weaknesses.
-How I got into Stanford - one ability - one recommendation
-Ask for forgiveness - not permission

6. Ignorance is Bliss

7. Persistence
Story about when I Dated a Princess - she hated me for a month - we met in a church.

8. Tell a good story.

Activity #3
Personal story - elevator story - entertainment story
(Prize for best story)

9. Successful People do what unsuccessful people don't.

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