Dear Diary: Why must I be a teenager in love?

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Milo is a senior in high school who is in love with a girl which shows absolutely no interest in him, because she hardly acknowledges him as Milo, but as, "just another boy at school."

Dear diary,

I could tell her hair was growing, just like my love…

I see her everyday. She always sits alone; she is always reading. I always sit with my friends, though I would rather sit with her, but I am the most timid, fearful of what she may think of me.

She is beautiful, delicate, yet able.

When she walks, she is always on a mission.

When she speaks, she never fails to intrigue and evoke laughter.

I've only actually spoken to her, once. She was in an art class, carving a small replica of the Venus De Milo. I walked up and complimented her on her work. She kindly thanked me and continued to work diligently, as though I had no effect on her. I’ve attempted to start up various conversations, but she never hears my soft calls for her attention.

We have so much in common. I know this because we have a few mutual friends, and, I may have, possibly, asked about her a few times, but in a totally non-stalker way. They have also failed to introduce us. It’s probably because we’re hardly ever in the same place and she would never be interested in a guy like me. I mean, look at me. My hair is kinky and due for a trim. This belly isn’t going anywhere soon, and she could get any guy, with a face and a body like that, maybe even some girls. Indeed, she is the whole package, and I’m just a big package.

Her hair is long, brown and silky. She has the most captivating smile which makes you feel as though you’re the only one in the room. Her sense of humor is, oh God, amazing. We even like the same music... Why must she unknowingly do this to me? Why must I be a teenager in love?

- astruso.

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