Blind Fury and the Freestyle Friday Resurrection

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On December 17, 2010, two rap artists met in a battle of improvisational wits amongst a panel of esteemed judges, an audience of pre-teenagers, and P-Diddy in the hopes of obtaining the 106 & Park freestyle Friday champ title.

South Carolina based Hip-Hop artist Blind Fury would prove victorious.

This challenger stepped up to reigning champion Ace Kayo and reminded him that freestyle rap is an art not meant to be rehearsed. 

Since the emergence of the cypher, freestyle battles have been a forum of recognition and innovation in hip hop music; a mainstream rap a battle is simply referred to as "beef", and although rap rivalry is sometimes taken to violent extremes it's this type of competition that keeps rap music and hip-hop culture both competitive and fresh. "Artists" like Waka Flocka and Soulja Boy cheapen the true value of lyricism, making it apparent that ANYONE can be a rapper and that isn't true. Almost Anyone can be an entertainer, working for the bemusement of club hoppers and label executives who write fat checks, but true hip-hop takes talent.

Blind Fury v. Ace Kayo was a one sided victory but with Fury as the new champion I anticipate that upcoming challengers will step up their lyrical capacity in order to win, maybe after Kayo recovers from this embarrassing defeat he'll return to reclaim his title.

Not only does Blind Fury have a unique talent, he also has an encouraging story.
      For the sickest freestyle bars I've heard in a long while watch the video below...      

Update* Friday January 7th, 2011: Blind Fury v. K9 - Fury wins

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Anonymous said...

|BlindFury| was born in the Bronx though.
Im puttin my money on him next week.

Anonymous said...

This dude is sick!! I am definately watching Freestyle Friday this week.

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