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Ever been to a party, only to be in that very awkward situation? You know, when you can't tell if the couple next to you is "dancing" or having "sex on the dance floor," as I like to put it. Yes, well, that's precisely the reason I avoid parties. Although one may not party much, we sure like to shake our groove thang and boogie down. Fortunately, I've got this great playlist of super fun, super fantastic tracks for, your next shindig. Everyone will be dancing together and clapping their hands, without worrying about a possible baby on the way, just some good ol', clean fun.

Here's the playlist. Enjoy.

Bedroom Eyes- Dancing Under The Influence
Fortunately for us, we don't have to be under the influence to dance and have a blast.

Best Coast- Boyfriend (Ghostwaves Edit)
This 80's edit is super sweet. When the male's voice comes in saying, "Hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend," it sounds as though the Ramones' lyrics were used, from the song, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend... The original is good too.

Citizen Cope- Son's Gonna Rise
This track has got a hip hop feel to it, which I really like.

Devendra Banhart- Lover
Devendra Banhart- Carmencita
Lover was featured on Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. I had heard his name before, but never got into his music until my sister ordered Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Mountain, and I immediately fell in love with the rest of his work. If you watch the video for Carmencita, you'll find Banhart kissing your ears with peculiar, Spanish lyrics, as well as starring in an amateur Bollywood film.

The Doors- Peace Frog
I just love pretending to be Jim. You get to make funny faces as you sing with a deep, manly tone, plus, you get to take your shirt off, all in the privacy of your own room, of course.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home
First time I heard this, I was hooked. There have been days where I've played it at least 20 times.
The Feelies- Forces At Work
From the north, formed in the late 70's. What's not to like? And look at what charmers they are, however, this particular track doesn't go anywhere until about one and a half minutes into it.

Frightened Rabbit- Nothing Like You
This Scotish group, well, you can tell they're not American, but it's okay, because they're fantastic. (in relation to next description)

Goldhawks- 1996
I just ran into them two nights ago. I grew fond quickly... I find it particularly interesting how when artists from the UK sing, you'd think they were American.
Good Shoes- All In My Head
I just really like this song. It's fun, and I especially like pretending as though I'm on drums.

The Horrors- Excellent Choice
The Horrors have a haunting, yet upbeat sound. Sometimes, you don't know if you should be fearful of having having fun, but I'm sure they want you to enjoy their sweet, creepy tunes.

Le Tigre- Deceptacon
This fast paced, power-punk tune will have everyone at your shin dig hopping, pointing to objects mentioned in the lyrics, and out of their shell as well as off the wall. "Who took the bomp from the bomp-a-lomp-a-lomp?"

Led Zeppelin- Trampled Underfoot
Anyone that at least knows who I am, knows my all time favorite artist is Leeeeeed Zeppelinnn! This song makes me want to grab my thick Dr. Martin Sandals, one of my many flare jeans, and one of my Led Zeppelin shirts so I can dance around and look cool like Donna from That 70's Show.

Little Richard- Tutti Frutti
I love love love this song. Little Richard, you're the-man. Wooooooo!

Mando Diao- Mean Street
Not that I'm favoring them, but I'm quite fond of the video.

Of Montreal- Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
Any true Of Montreal fan would recognize their album artwork if they were half blind. It's as appealing and colorful as they are. Imagine them playing this song and blowing feathers everywhere, through a smashed costume head, everyone jumping up and down and having a good time, sweating, but no one caring.
Of Montreal- Requiem for OMM 2
Of Montreal- The Party's Crashing Us
The Sunlandic Twins is one of my favorite albums, though since they're one of my favorite artists, I suppose all their albums would be. This is actually the wallpaper on my phone... Oh yes, Of Montreal has the most party friendly songs out of any other artist I know. When playing their music at your next shindig, I guarantee you a good time, just remember to invite a sista.

Passion Pit- Sleepyhead
Sure, this is their most popular song, but why shouldn't it be? This track will really getting you jumpin' and fist pumpin', fo' real. I saw them this summer and, WOW! They put on an amazing show. It would have been a lot more fun if the old people there weren't so rude, but the gentlemen in front of me (in another section) were kind enough to let me get in front of them for a better view, so it was all good.

The Ramones- Rockaway Beach
Who doesn't love The Ramones?

Ra Ra Riot- Too Too Too Fast
A great band, with great songs, this being one of my favorites. This track has a super 80's sound, and if you know me, you know I'm not too fond of the 80's, but if an artist is truly talented, they would even have me saying, "Well, I guess the 80's weren't that bad." Unfortunately I've missed them the last couple times they came, but next time, no miss.

The Rentals- Waiting
Well, the lead singer was the former bassist of Weezer. This is my favorite song by them.

Ruby Coast- Creep Me Out
This is just a fun, super fantastic song.

The Shins- Australia
I love The Shins! A friend introduced them to me in middle school, and I've loved them ever since. I've been awaiting the day they stop by Dallas.

Slow Rewind- Dotted Line
I saw this band at The Door Dallas, they were one of the many bands playing at a music festival local venues were hosting. However, they were not one of the many bands that didn't interest me. I loooooved their sound, so, after their set, I asked the bassist for their name as well as gave them a compliment, and I sure was not lying. A little later, the two found me and gave me their EP. They're a local band, though the members are off in college. Maybe they'll get back together, after school? I sure hope so. These boys have got what it takes. They're really good. You can download their free EP here.

Vampire Weekend- A-Punk
I remember when a friend first made me listen to this song, which was about three years ago, I didn't like it.

Them Crooked Vultures- Dead End Friends
So a friend of mine introduced them to me, told me, "You'll really like them," and he was correct. What else should one expect? I mean, the band only consists of Josh Homme of Queens of The Stones Age, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, and John Paul Jones of Led freakin' Zeppelin! A power trio? I think so.

Violent Femmes- Blister in The Sun
Having a peculiar, yet pleasant sound, this song was featured on the film Rocket Science. The parents of one of the main characters would have quality time together by playing songs of the Violent Femmes, using a piano and a cello. I thought it was really cute.

The White Stripes- Baby Brother
Oh what fond times we've had. I love it when modern artists have that good ol' Rock 'N Roll sound. You know they appreciate the sound of our fathers.

Woven Bones- Couldn't Help But Stare
Shoegaze: A genre originating in 80s England, now international. Defined by highly distorted guitars, and vocals, usually high-and-breathless or low in the mix, sometimes absent. My sister went to see them at The Granada Theater in Dallas, and brought back with her this album. I borrowed it. I listened. I liked. I imagine the gang from Peanuts would enjoy dancing to this stuff. All their stuff is good party music.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Miles Away

Well everyone knows the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but they're just too great to pass up. Their earlier stuff really had a punch, that is, a bit of a punk element.

With much enthusiasm, astruso.

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So now I can pretend to be really cool and knowledgeable about non-mainstream music... awesome. Thanks for the great list!

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