Art Star's Signature Series

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Clicking Around with Music- Cody Elder interviews various artists about their music, inspiration, and upcoming projects.

Nebula Music - Music highlights featuring an arbitrary mix of songs by artists of all genres.An introduction to some of the brightest gems in this star filled galaxy, turning you on to new sounds while reminding you of your favorites from the past.

Visual Art
Snapshots & Point Shoots- Guerrilla photography paired with quotes, and figurative inspiration. These pictures are occasionally worth a thousand words, a lack of modesty which leaves little to reveal.

Street Style Profile- Images and profiles featuring stand-out individual style, the origin of the trends featured, and how to achieve the look in your own way.

Dear Diary- A diary is, at times, the only true representation of one's most intimate thoughts, everything they are too afraid to express. Dear Diary: will take you into the lives of various characters, through all the enchantment, the drama, the fear, the intensity. My mission here, is to evoke pensive thought, maybe an occasional laugh, but ultimately, to inspire you in everyday life. Sometimes, the greatest form of art is that which is unintentional.
Flirting with Poetry Analysis- "Trying to understand something once out of my reach." -WHayes

Decade Of Excellence-

The Boundary- When's the last time you did something wrong? Do you remember that day when you felt confused, on the edge of right and wrong, between good and bad, when you may have made the wrong decision, when things turned out unexpectedly, when you had to re-evaluate your own thoughts and views because of a new experience in life - whether it was something you actually did or just observed? When did you last meet your Boundary?
The primary goal of any Boundary story should be just to tell the story - and not try to justify it. The temptation to justify, rationalize, or sentimentalize is high because often your story will be a moment of cognitive dissonance. We all have these experiences, and we want you to hit a moment of personal clarity telling yours. Be as real and as honest as possible - these won't be published under your real name (you can pick a pseudonym if you'd like, and I would avoid using real names or any names in the story) - and we of course pledge 100% confidentiality.

 Bar Tales- Reflections on relationships and the things that happened to one Art Star writer in many of Dallas' bars.

The Spray On Condom- The Spray On Condom Series is a humorous take on male/female relationships.


Dueling Film Reviews- JDub and WHayes both watch a film, and then respond to each others written review with uncensored criticism.
Vintage Films- A review and analysis of theater classics that debuted before 1990.

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