Nebula Music: "Bromance" -Adulture ft. Ghosts of Venice

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The music world is a giant lump of debris.
Most of the music we listen to is later discarded into the entertainment trash heap.
There are landfills inflated with tracks both treasured and forgotten, good and bad. Good music is music for the soul, created from scratch with the finest ingredients by experts who are refined in their skill. Music that is made with love and care, creating trends and inspiration, evoking passion and sparking debate. 

Good music is the type of stuff that's unforgettable.

Tracks can usually fit into these categories:
-Good enough to be recycled
-Burned forever in our memories by experiences
-Taken forgranted 
-Easily re-purposed
-Replayed until stale
-Traded in for a newer model

Thus creating an ever growing mass of waste, spawned by our constant need for entertainment. One mans trash just ends up being another mans trash, eventually.

Terrible music is at a surplus, and great music in deficit; nonetheless, it is left to you to determine what music you love by your acquired taste.Certain music just speaks to certain people.

Preference and style have no rules, they're just subjected to outward opinion.

I frequently find myself listening to a song by a certain artist and moving on to the next artist without further thought, but I am occasionally introduced to sounds that are so good I just can't keep them captive.

A track worth writing about:

I came across this track recently while brushing up on my procrastination skills...
A collaboration between House DJ Adulture and Ghosts of Venice, a producer who claims to create music just to "make girls dance", Bromance is what electronic accents are made of.

I admire house because it's art that sometimes plays hard to get. 
Although some producers may attempt to force the components of their tracks down our throats, when mastered, house is music that doesn't have to try.With "Bromance", the bass line makes you forget how much you love the hook and then the duo bring back the melody to string you in, only to end abruptly, leaving you wanting more.

"The whole world's a circus, don't you be the clown." 

Adulture ft. Ghosts of Venice - Bromance

"If you want to gather honey, don't kick over the beehive."

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