On The Other Side: An Interview With Sherry Smith

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It was a real treat to be able to chat with photographer Sherry Smith as she discusses her journey to becoming a full-time artist, and gives some great advice for others aspiring to get there.

This is the third in our interviews of artists leading up to the grand opening of the Green Bandana Project Friday July 30th at the Arts Apartments in Dallas' newly renovated arts district. Click here for the first one and here for the second.

Art Star: What motivates you to be an artist?

Sherry Smith: I think that photography has been a very spiritual journey for me. I have the gene that breeds wild ideas and the necessity to make those dreams into reality. It is of course a very visual journey for me.

Art Star: Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

Sherry Smith: I work when my energy allows me too. Sometime ideas or visions come to me in those twilight moments and I jump on it. Other times, when working with a client, I open myself up to a co-creation of sorts. I think that is the beauty of photography. It is not all about me. I have to be able to get our of Self and interpret another human's soul and vision. That can be a very hard thing to do.

AS: Do you ever use any other media?

SS: I am fascinated with design elements so I do graphic design work as well. I have also write poetry, draw, and paint. But, those can be very challenging for me at times. So I don't do them as often. I try to focus on being really good at one thing. I went through a video phase also. I would like to get back into that in the future.

AS: What's your favorite camera to use?

SS: Any camera- really. However, I just got a Canon 50D which seems to do the trick. Really, it is more about the lens that I'm attaching to it. The prime lens is my favorite. It's fast, gets great depth of field, and forces me to position myself instead of relying on a zoom.

AS: Who do you think is (are) revolutionizing art?

SS: I think art has been brought to a whole new level with the age of digital. I consider Photoshop and even graphic design work art. I feel like manipulating pixels or vector images is the same thing as manipulating paint on a canvas. Some people don't think so.

AS: What are your thoughts on the Dallas art scene?

SS: I think that Dallas does contain of spirit of fellowship within the artists community. Groups like artlovemagic have really taken off and enabled an attitude of love, tolerance, and healing for all who are involved.

AS: Where do you stand with art as a career? Full time? Part time with a random side job? How have you been able to make it over the years? Advice for the starving artist?

SS: I am now doing art full time. I did the whole part time with side jobs for a long time. At the time, that is wanted I needed to grow. I hate the term "starving artist" because I feel like it give us an excuse to stay poor. My advice: Hang around people that are better than you. Go to school to develop your art and to hear honest critique. And finally, learn about the business side. We artists try to avoid all of that thinking that someone will do it for us. Maybe when you're rich and famous. But, everyone starts out doing their own grunge work in the beginning. A major problem with artists including myself if self discipline. Do all the things you don't want to do!! I have had some great people on my journey that believed in me and pushed me to succeed. You have to surround yourself with those people. It's crucial to surviving this game as well as life.

AS: That’s great Sherry. Is there anything else that you would like to tell our readers about your art or about you personally?

SS: I grew up in an artist's home and developed a belief system that I was not talented with the creative gene. I went down a completely self-destructive path that is common for artists. One day, my eyes opened up to the creative person within. My life has never been the same. I think art is the ultimate healer. Everyone needs to express themselves. The images that I create are very personal and may not mean the same thing to someone else. That's o.k.

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Melody said...

Sherry Rocks! <3

tingaling7 said...

i like where she said she doesn't like the term starving artist because it gives us an excuse to stay poor...

Eva said...

Love your gift! Thank you for sharing it with others!

Snow said...

I'm glad God opened your eyes, Sherrybird! =)
You are so talented.

Elena said...

Yay! I just got to know you a little better and dig it! You know what you're saying and you're saying what you know.

Elena said...
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