Four Music Videos I Want You To See

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As a film buff and de facto cuter half of the Art Star film boys, I spend far too little time looking at music videos. With respect to Katelin's essay on Lady Gaga, I stopped paying attention somewhere between illicit nights watching BET Uncut and a confusing first impression of Tokio Hotel, which is a damn shame because some great things have been happening.

We've all been saturated with Gaga's "Bad Romance" inundated with Ok Go's "Here It Goes Again," and plenty of us saw Kanye's "Flashing Lights" (nsfw), but who remembers when he dropped "Paranoid" (one word: Rihanna), or when Mos slipped "Supermagic" beneath the aural doorjamb? For this reason, I've resolved to put some added purpose behind my Google searches, and will be on the lookout for new videos from now on. Sharing with you is sharing with myself, and who isn't down for a five minute sip of something sweet and avant garde?

To the point: four treats this week: some Beyonce, Mr. Hudson, the Parisians, and Black Keys.

This Beyonce is mostly safe for work, provided you have a corner office at Sterling Cooper Draper Price.

Adjust your dials.

MR HUDSON "There Will Be Tears" Directed by: NABIL fx: weirdcore from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

The Keys give you so much more than a dinosaur sock puppet.

Looking at this from a technical perspective, I'm pretty sure this was composed entirely of still photos. If so, even better.

The Parisians - Time For Nothing More from Thms on Vimeo.

More to come soon.

UPDATE: Katelin is bringing something fun concerning that Beyonce, so keep your eyes peeled for her post later this week. Until then, definitely do yourself a solid and watch this Theophilus London. The video doesn't play with quirk as the above four, but I can't stop jamming to this song. While you're at it, slide over to his website for his new mixtape, "I Want You." So good.

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