Round Two of Chasing Amy: JDub on WHayes

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WHayes, I love it, dude. It seems to me that your feelings toward Chasing Amy have arisen because you romanticized it. You heard witty and believable dialogue where there really was none. You were smitten, and when you realized that, it left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Holden must have felt about the same way when he realized how far behind Alyssa he was sexually, and as men tend to do, he tried to fix the "problem," rather than accepting things for how they are. Alyssa can revisit her sexually adventurous years as readily as we can rewrite Amy's contrived dialogue and remake a more "perfect" film.

But just because two people can virtually never totally reconcile themselves to each other doesn't mean you can't go right on loving the film as before, nor does it necessarily mean the book is closed on Holden and Alyssa's relationship. After all, the whole sappy, over-wrought point of Chasing Amy seems to be that no relationship can be perfect, and two people don't have to be "perfect for each other" to be in love.

I heard somewhere that love is all you need...

In the end, I guess we're left right where we started. Holden is going to have to fall in love with Alyssa all over again for exactly who she is (for real this time), and WHayes, you must do the same with Chasing Amy. It's the original bromantic comedy, after all.

And, in other news, I finally understand that wordless conversation Holden and Banky shared at the end of the film, thanks to the very charitable work of some very skilled linguists and sign language experts:

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