Round Two: WHayes on JDub

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I like where your head is, sir, but I think you should have gone all the way with this. To that end, I offer a brief addendum: Up is a great movie because it, again like The Incredibles before it, works to demystify the patented Disney happy ending. Why should we celebrate this? Because the typical happy ending is no more than a ploy to sell sex to children. Yes, I said it.

The classic fairytale model advocates moving toward an idealized heterosexual relationship, the expectation being that once you're finally whisked away to the prince's castle (or walk down the aisle), hardship ends, and all your dreams come true. This kind of happiness only happens, mind you, with a man well above your economic status - I believe some call this indoctrination. I imagine this is partly why J Dub found Up's opening montage so satisfying: real relationships have real setbacks and real tragedies, and Pixar works to capture that. Damnit. Why are we agreeing on this shit?

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