Cavata Clothing: 2010 Is Coming And They Are Ready

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Our friends at Cavata Clothing Co. are back at it again with their music and art-inspired apparel.  Check out to see the brand new Fall line that just dropped!  As always, 10% of every Cavata purchase helps support music and art programs in public schools and non-profit organizations.

ArtStar:  So what has the team behind Cavata been up to since you first launched?
Lori From Cavata Clothing Co:  Plenty!  We have 8 new tees in the store and the revamp of the brand has been received very well by both new and existing customers.  I decided to take Cavata in a more simplistic direction.  There will still be detailed, illustrative tees but the collection will be balanced with more subtle, clean designs as well.  With the new line you'll see new packaging, custom hang tags & top quality prints.  In the next few weeks we are actually filming a promotional video around Boston.  I'll keep that under wraps for now, though!

ArtStar:  Cavata Clothing Co. donates a portion of each sale to support the arts- how has this been going for the brand?
Lori Cavata:  Its been amazing to be able to help a cause I truly care about.  Although Cavata is a young brand we've been able to not only donate money to local public schools but I've also volunteered my time and printing connections to help my high school print tees and hoodies for the choir.  Anything I can do to help out programs that fostered my interest in music and art.

ArtStar:  Has there been a defining moment where you've thought "This might really take off?"
Lori :     Besides actually selling stock (which, let's be honest is all that matters!) I was really excited to see British MC Lady Sovereign rocking the purple "Its A Wrap" tee during one of her concerts.  I'm a big SOV fan so it was amazing to see someone in the public eye choose to rock something I created...especially during a show.  I've also heard rumors that Hayley Williams of Paramore has the "Its A Wrap" tee in teal but I have yet to see photos!

ArtStar:  Did you run into any obstacles while revamping the brand and launching the new line?
Lori:      Obstacles doesn't begin to explain what I have run into.  I just have one word: CONNECTIONS!  When people say networking and connections are key to running a successful business they aren't kidding.  Its so important to know who you are working with or you're bound to run into issues.  I worked with 2 web designers, one who stole $400 from me, before I hooked up with Hillman Ball who designed the current site.  Also, I had an issue with keeping deadlines with my printer.  When all was said and done the tees came out fantasic and I am beyond thrilled with the site...just make sure you are doing business with reputable people if you ever start a company!

ArtStar: Have you noticed individuals that wear cavata get more booty than the average Joe/Jane
Lori:     Hello!  I guarantee that wearing Cavata will increase your ass-getting abilities.  Afterall, 60% of the time it works every time.

AS:  Who has been a great supporter of Cavata?
Lori :  Friends and family, without a doubt.  When you're about to give up, spent your last dime and are second-guessing yourself its great to have the support of friends and family who will support you no matter what.  As far as business, there have been so many people like Hillman Ball who designed my website, Regan Clarke who has helped with graphics, promotions, brainstorming etc. and especially Cody Elder who has been following Cavata from the start- almost one year ago!

ArtStar:  What does 2010 have in store for Cavata?
Lori:  In addition to tees we're going to start releasing other products like belts, hoodies, jackets, and other cut and sew items.  Also, we're throwing some of the best parties you have ever been to with Boston's best new bands and artists in order to raise money for music and art programs in the inner cities.  The site is also a central hub for the latest news in new artists, music/art/fashion news, reviews and so much more and its only going to get bigger in the upcoming year.  2010 is the year of Cavata!

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