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Hello Art Star Phamily!

We are getting a lot of new readers, and I know it is a chore wading through our over 450 posts on this blog.

So yours truly has done it for you - good weekend reading for all of you cool cats.

Much love,


When Cool Kids Implode:

Why It Matters: Simply put - iconic

Living With Bipolar Disorder: Three Lessons

Why It Matters: There is no Art Star without this post. This is when we stopped being just another blog.

It's Primetime For Participation

Why It Matters: Because everyone needs a call to arms

The Spray On Condom: Pretty Girl Syndrome

Why It Matters: Because almost everything is about relationships

Art Star's Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

Why It Matters: Our most controversial post ever

What T.I. and Ben Bernanke Have In Common

Why It Matters: There will always be room for satire

Bar Tales Chapter 5: The Paradox of Strength

Why It Matters: I make girls cry

Why It's Totally Okay To Not Care About Gaza

Why It Matters: Second most controversial post

I Hope This Post Offended You

Why It Matters: Because the rebuttal only helps us further understand how we feel.

Catholics, Artists, and Gossip Girl

Why It Matters: Because very few young people really follow or understand church history

Mostly San Francisco

Why It Matters: Our resident photographer-muse knows how to capture a moment.

Why Flavor Flav Is The Next Tupac

Why It Matters: Because sometimes the entire point is to make the reader think

Bar Tales Chapter 8: Mirrors

Why It Matters: Because sometimes life is cinematic

Bar Tales Chapter 9: Mountains

Why It Matters: Because we never know who is sitting behind us

The Boundary: Babykicker

Why It Matters: Sometimes we have these uncontrollable urges...that go against who we are

The Boundary: Serial Heartbreaker

Why It Matters: Sometimes we don't really know what it feels like for a girl

The Boundary: Sunday Steaks

Why It Matters: We have all been in situations that we didn't approve of


Happy Birthday Cody Elder

Why It Matters: He's the webmaster who brought you all of this. Celebrate with a collection of his best posts

Happy Birthday Matthew Hayes

Why It Matters: A collection of his best posts

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