Round Two: WHayes on JDub

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Well, sir (not using the term lightly), the time has come for smack to be laid down, and I first and foremost wanted to congratulate you on completely missing that day in Dr. Lerner's Film Music lecture (oh yes, people, we have history) where he discussed Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. I say this because I was expecting you to out Jones's use of technology as the giant, stained, monochrome MacGuffin that it was.

While I agree with your observations concerning Sam's isolation at the hands (or buttons, as it were) of his electronic referees, I'm gonna put myself out there and say that it does not, and never did matter how shitty his technology got, because our focus was always supposed to be on Sam's journey toward the end of his tolerance for company lies.

In fact, the his technology problems should have been worse to further drive that point home. How much more frustrating would it have been if 50% of the time he couldn't even communicate with Gertie normally, like if the robot's language processor started wigging out, and he could only communicate in inflected musical notes? Because really, how impractical is the Han-Chewie/Luke-R2 relationship? I'd wanna punch that damn droid in the face after a while.

In the bigger picture, the extra troubles would give the audience further insight into just how much Sam had to tolerate living up there, in addition to provoking us to wonder just how much more abuse he would allow.

And in terms of initial practicality, why wouldn't the company make the base a one-man/one-droid operation? Theoretically, Gertie could have had most of the base functions on autopilot; Sam wouldn't have even had to touch most things beside his refrigerator. Something a little heavy to move? No problem. He would've been working with 4 times the normal strength and stamina of a normal human, thanks to the Moon's low gravity, but that's just nerd minutia.

What say ye?

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