Live and Loud: The Nurses, Throw Me The Statue, and The Brunettes

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The Nurses
I just want to preface this post with the announcement that we have finally caught up with the rest of the design world and implemented Lightbox.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just click the pictures to find out.
Opening up the set was a scraggly bunch that, despite their rough appearance, put together a lovely few tunes.  I am going to put them in a sub indie pop category called "melodic merriment." Combining sounds of gentleness and lust to create repetitive caresses on the ear.  Digitally, good background music, live a sight to see and rock to.

Throw Me The Statue

I had the opportunity to have a beer with the boys of TMTS before the show.  They caught up with a mutual friend and then talked about the back home.  Coming all the way from Seattle, you could tell they were tired and ready to get back home.
During the beer they talked about how they alternate going first with The Brunettes and today was their day as the second band.  It was neither good nor bad but just was a fact of the road.  They headed back and we had another brew and moved inside.
Despite the long journey, their performance did not suffer.  I would classify this as "starring at your knee and heel bouncing goodness" where you stare at your knee and heel and can't help but bounce.  Catchy songs like "Lolita" filled the air and kept the feet tapping.
To be fair, and we're all about being fair here, I was at the show for The Brunettes.  Those swanky New Zealanders are so ZANNY!  But TMTS proved to me, they are a stand alone performance.  With a true lead man in Scott Reitherman, Secretly Canadian Records has a band that will be riding the touring train for a while.


The Brunettes

With high expectations comes supreme delight or disaster.
Supreme delight hit me that fall evening.  And I promise you, it wasn't just the accents.
The two ladies rocked the keyboards.  The guys rocked the hand-helds.  Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield combine for quiet explosions of bliss on the mics. Beyond great performances of "Loopy Love" and "Red Rollerskates" the song of the night went to their incredible cover of The Cure's "Lovesong."  Upon review, I found the studio version and the live did not touch it.  The synth was simple, the vocal effects minimal and the emotion provoked by The Cure was brought out ten fold with Heather's eyes and voice.  Amazing.

Thanks for amazing shows and mainly giving me an excuse to play with Lightbox.

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WHayes said...

Yay new Art Star technology. Lets keep it rolling, chaps.

Steph said...

The Brunettes Cure cover is amazing! Retro yet edgy yet... hmm maybe indescribable is best ! Anyways thanks for sending it my way. Can't wait to hear it live.

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