Pens, Paper, Ink, and Sex Grease

Posted 10/07/2009 by WHayes in Labels: , , , , ,
Hello friends!

So over the past week, my fingers have been running all over the place, trying to get together as many illustrations I can for our friends over at Share Some Candy (they aren't really our friends yet, but they will be). They want to see my portfolio, which I sent in today, and I'll have my fingers crossed till I hear their feedback.

Which brings me to my request: hit up my flickr page here, and let me know what you think of my digs so far. I want ya's opinions. Ask questions, throw spitballs all of it.

Now that this stage is complete, I can get back to work on Hooked. Script for issue 1 is finally 100%, so now to the fun part of penciling the pages.

I'll be posting a preview here in a few weeks.

Until then, Saskatchewan.

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