Eye to fisheye (revisits part 2)

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Fishtacos by Immuzikation
One of my favorite mashups from early '09 (I think) and somehow appropriate?

Continuing with the revisit theme, I'm going back to April (my birthday actually) and rocking and rolling in the world's largest aquarium (by gallons of water-so actually it's just the world's largest water holder that happens to have fish in it...?). These are real simple; some work with shutter speeds, but because I went for clear pictures and definitive foregrounds aperture was at a nice round 1.4 all day.  Wooo! Parties in the fish tanks.

Check out the player below, its the first time I've used the picasa slide show.  Definitely looking for other alternatives until I can figure out how to better use javascript in Blogger.

So shout out to guest photographer 3C on the mini-gator shot.  A great angle and lots of gator-angst in the pic!

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Anonymous said...

Makes me want to go to Cayman, I miss the dives...Thanks great shots

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