Building an Ark in Atlanta

Posted 9/21/2009 by coelder in Labels: , , , ,

Let it Rain - OK Go
Flashflood - Aesop Rock
Rain - Bishop Allen
It's Going to Rain - Waterboys

So the rains have come, Atlanta is flooding and I've been instructed to gather dry wood to assemble an ark of biblical proportions. All we need is two of everything (I mean everything)... Whatcha got?

I've got two remote controls that work half the time for the same tv.

I've also got two copies of Boondock Saints (hope that will come in handy).

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Riggs said...

I got two leeeeeeezarrrrrrrds!

WHayes said...

I have two used brake shoes, and two mosquitos.

Annie! said...

I've got a crotchety Indian man and his ego...does that work?

WHayes said...

Hmm, is his ego big enough for two?

Tacitus said...

i got a pair of aesop rock-circa 2001, half empty bottle of tanqueray, and some day-old bbq chicken pizza. soun

party in the ark, say, 10 pm?

PicMuse said...

Party in the ark... confirmed.


Bring inflatables.

Also found a pair of Tim Hudson bobbleheads... ga daggit Braves, just survive the season.

automaticdoor said...

I have two copies of Jane Eyre, two pairs of stuffed penguins, two rolls of aluminum foil, and a lot of chocolate cupcakes. Oh, and two bottles of rum. Drink up!

liam said...

uh...2 copies? are you sure?

PicMuse said...

You gotta bring my second copy! Daggum hoarder...

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