5 Picks and a Picture: September

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So there may or may not be a 7 month gap between the last of the series (of two)... yikes.

I love this months installment. There's no lolly gagging in music reviewing... let's do this:

Suds & Soda: They ain't skinny bitches, they're heroine sheik. Songs like "Style Over Substance" and "England I Can't Like You Anymore" play into their frustrations of pop culture dilemmas. Their synth electro magic plays on their poignant prose to get your head bobbing and wheels turning. Of course they're from across the pond, but their creative juices weren't stifled by the dreary weather:
The King of penguins declared to his people that this curious object from foreign lands was a sign of hope in the never-ending winter that they, and their ancestors, had suffered with such dignity. An ice temple was built to house the bottle of purest green and penguins from far and wide visited the temple to pray and so forth. Believing the code on the peculiar piece of paper held the answers to everything, the King hired the best penguin scholars of all the land to try and decipher it.
They will be large and in charge.
You best dance to this:
Cukoo La La - Suds & Soda

Samantha Shelton: Sam, Sam, Sam... Do you know what your voice does to the soul?  A classic, teasingly gentle sound that pulls you in so many directions you wish you knew where you started but are glad you ended up with her and an intricate story.  It's kind of like that buddy of yours that always had the "most insane night" and even though you were there for the entire night, it's just that much better when they tell the tale the day after.  The country rifts and occasional ol' western saloon piano creates questionable intros that work incredibly too well.
You best tap your foot to this:
Runaway - Samantha Shelton

Akwerius: Given, they use simplistic reggae hooks but shucks mister, it's seamless.  After listening to a few of his songs, the Matisyahu influence was written on the wall (destiny's child, whaaa?) and it took me a couple of listens to get past the over use of "eyes," "realize," and "horizon," but dang, the intricate guitars and segments of the verses are simply brilliant.
You best think deep to this:
Horizon - Akwerius (Featuring Jazi)

Hayes:  Nah, sorry this isn't WHayes, the GaGa hater (she is a joke, couldn't agree more).  Unfortunately after about 30 minutes of searching (my max), I couldn't find the actual band site.  Come on fellas, you're too good for that!  Though they may have similar sound to Lifehouse, they don't have the pansy pop verses and lean more to the Anathallo feel with glimmering Minus the Bear intros.  Since I can't find the background to the group...
You best wonder who these guys are to this:
Necktie - Hayes

Emily Arin: A princess of flowers and dandelion dancing.  Well, maybe... but another angelic voiced beauty with the singer-songwriter skills above and beyond her touring status. She's rockin and I don't want to get too into here bio b/c she may be floating around Art Star's pages next week with an exclusive interview... just sayin.  She's been dancing around Ithaca and the gorges area but is making her way down to Austin in the middle of October for a quick tour.  Her band of four or so provide gentle beats and curious words.
You best cozy up and have a glass of wine with your cuddle buddy to this:
Highs and Lows - Emily Arin

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