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The last few weeks have been hard to pin down as to where my head's been. I've hardly picked up a camera since returning from the road trip productions in Pennsylvania...that just doesn't happen. I think my very cells are rearranging, readjusting, regrouping from the experience of revisiting those homes of my past. I'm not going to post any more of the images from this new series; the two previous posts are all that I can do for now. The rest of the files are in the hard drive (+ 2 backups)....and there shall they remain, sweet little pixels, until I decide it's time to view them with the fresh eye of objectiveness, which now is impossible.

So, in the meantime.. I was going through some toy camera images to gather a submission for an upcoming juried exhibition in Vermont with the subject of the show being "Dreams and Fantasies." By way of explanation, a toy camera is really just that; it's plastic, including the lens. The body doesn't fit tightly to the back, so it has light leaks. I love mine; some people tape their cameras but I don't. Also known as "crappy cameras they have names like Holgas, Dianas,
Banner. Mine is a Banner and I've had it forever. it uses 2-1/4 film.It has a little lever that goes "click" and there ya go....

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PicMuse said...

You bring up a great point. Hardly to I revisit my photos for critique. This may be due to my intentions of capturing moments, not artistic permanence.

Often times it is necessary to step back, let the pixels settle in the hard drive then, when the time is right enjoy, play, and reflect with them.

Thanks Ellen! That was a nice breeze of fresh air.

WHayes said...

Good luck with the submission, Ellen?

WHayes said...

Wait, no question mark.

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