Can somebody give Tyson Gay a hug?

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How does it feel to put in your all and have it not be enough?/Instead of all full, you're awful and it's so damn tough- Chris B. "Lyrics of Fury 2k5" circa 2004.*

Although I am ecstatic that Usain continues his dominance, my heart goes out to Tyson Gay. He's a great athlete but this rivalry is becoming more and more uneven. He ran a 9.71 in Berlin and no one cares! It's the third best time ever! I probably don't have to tell you who has the top two times...

That brother needs some serious pastoral care.

How was he supposed to know that his career would serve as a footnote in the story of the once in a century phenomenon known as Usain "Lightning" Bolt?!

And I thought lightning wasn't supposed to strike twice, eh? How many times can one man break his own record...and barely look like he's trying.**

Let's just say Tyson was born in 1974 instead of 1982. Still had the same conditioning, resources, and everything that has made him the athlete he is today. Is there any question about his potential stardom then?

He'd be the guy Michael Johnson hands the torch to in 2000. Triumphant enough in 2004 for America to soon forget the doping scandals that were to come. His rivalry with Bolt would be bigger and he might not even play second fiddle.

This would be a "changing of the guard" story rather than what it is now. A tale we've seen so often in sports. A legend decimating the best of the mortals.

Ali did this to Frazier.

Jordan to Barkley, Ewing, Drexler, Malone, and anyone else in his path.

And now Gay must pay the price. He's playing Salieri to Bolt's Mozart.

Yesterday on Twitter I called Tyson the Patrick Ewing of track. This prompted a debate as some felt that it implied Bolt was Jordanesque.***

A friend of mine, obvious Jordan worshiper, offered that the most he could do was compare Bolt to LeBron. I scoffed at this because while I think LeBron will be the G.O.A.T, he isn't yet. Bolt is more than potential. He is now.

But don't let me argue for him, in Bolt's own words:

usainboltI was made for speed - 9.58 - how do you like that - to the world

usainboltWho faster?

*Yeah I quoted myself. Kinda cocky I suppose. But this is a story about Usain Bolt so humility must be scarce. Oh yeah, here's the referenced track.

**No really. Have you seen this?

***Which is exactly what I meant.

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WHayes said...

Great piece, man. I didn't want it to end!

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