KanYe West- "Street Lights" Video

Posted 7/11/2009 by DJ NY in Labels: , , , , ,
OK...so when I heard the 808's & Heartbreaks album for the 1st time, when "Street Lights" came on, I immediately envisioned Grand Theft Auto (with a car driving through one of the cities during the night time). Fast foward 7 months later and my vision has turned into a music video!!! Kanye uses animation for this video just like he did for "Heartless", and honestly I really like how it was made. The graphics are very intricate and it matches the music perfectly (unlike some music videos that have been released lately *coughs Best I Ever Had*) What I also noticed is that in all the 808's & Heartbreaks videos, (except for "Love Lockdown") Kanye has limited to no appearances in it...I wonder if that was done purposely.

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