Cao Fei - The Best Contemp Artist You May Not Know

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I was changed by this video - its been a year since I've seen it, last summer at the Conduit Gallery as part of the Dallas Video Association collaboration.

It was one of those rare moments when you feel both a stretch in a media and the technology in which we make art, and also are forced to think about our own human nature.

Why do millions of people take refuge in second life?
Why do they make the world like our own world?

And perhaps the strangest moment for me was why would anyone build a coffin - in a virtual world, that isn't real, where death can't exist, what is it about our humanity that would drive one to create a burial place?

I was lucky enough to orginally see it projected, in great resolution, and totally continuous.

Here are the Three Parts on youtube.

If you don't know Cao Fei, you should, she is sorta a big deal and will be featured on the next season of Art21 on PBS.

Here is an article with some good links to some of her other work and commentary on the video.


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