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Posted 6/02/2009 by fotoloka in Labels: ,

A couple of months ago I did some macro shots of flower petals when they fell from the vase they were in. The post of those images are somewhere in the archives entitled "Flower Trash." Since then, occasionally a combination of dead flowers, bits of vegetable or fruit debris cross paths in the kitchen before their disposal, coalescing into a flash of visual rapture. At that point, life as it was moving on stops, the Canon G10 is grabbed and the choreography begins....Perhaps this kind of information is damning to the perception I am at all sane, but I'm beyond caring at this point in my life....and no, I don't live with a bunch of cats.

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rosanne said...

I may have said it before but this photo is incredibly sensual. It makes me want to draw it...

WHayes said...

Do it! And send it to us. We'd love to see it, or anything it inspires you to create.

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