Tales of the Black Freighter

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By now I'm sure many of you have seen The Watchmen (I haven't yet, but I promise I'm seeing it soon!). BUT what I have seen ironically enough is Tales of the Black Freighter. For those of you who are HUGE fans of The Watchman and/or have read the graphic novel, you are well aware of the Black Freighter, but for those of you who aren't Tales of the Black Freighter is a story within The Watchmen.
It is a story of a mariner who's ship is attacked by the dreaded Black Freighter. Only he survives washed up on a beach only to find the rest of his crew dead. Devastated by the attack, he becomes crazed by the thought of the Black Freighter heading to rape and pillage his town. He must get there to warn his family so he builds a make-shift raft out of his dead crew members. He then sets sail to battle the sea, sharks, pirates, and worst of all - his own mind.
Honestly the reason I have seen this first is because where I work, Reel FX, did this animated short. It was directed by the very talented Danny Delpurgatorio. It is dark, edgy and involves one of my favorite characters - sharks!

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