Happy Birthday Pic Muse

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When I think of this guy: I can't help but think of a quiet tenacity. An unfailing impulse to get things done wrapped inside a simple joy for life.
I have lived with Cody, road tripped to Florida with Cody, camped with Cody, ran 150 member arts organization with Cody, gotten mono from Cody, rocked out with Cody, gotten drunk with Cody, and take full credit for Cody's current relationship (yes the drunken phone call freshman year really might have ruined it. Note to all readers - friends don't let friends drunk dial).

However, the great thing about my experiences with Cody is that they aren't unique.

Many of our readers who know Cody can create a similar list - it is just incredibly difficult to be around Cody Elder and not do something fun.

A college football players turned patron of the arts, Cody is the heart and soul of Art Star.

Simply put, you wouldn't be reading this blog if it wasn't for him.

So today we salute you, good sir.

Hope you have the best of birthdays.

Hell yeah.

Fuck yeah.



Art Star

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