See and Be Seen Dallas: Fahamu Pecou March 16th

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Book signing by Fahamu Pecou at the Conduit Gallery and 80's party.

March 16th from 7- 10 p.m.

After party at Glo

Why You Should Care: Fahamu Pecou really may be the next international art superstar. You should meet him and get to know his work. Fahamu's art examines the intersection between celebrity, hip hop, and "high" art culture. The party at the Conduit should be pretty amazing, over 200 confirmed guests. Oh and a birdie told us that there will be a FREE full bar - margaritas anyone?

Why I Care: Fahamu and I met in Portobelo, Panama in 2005 and his work tremendously influenced my own - especially in my legendary (in Davidson, NC) I AM ART campaign. I also want to marry his assistant. You can read about it here.

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