Life Over Death

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So how many of your facebook friends/people you follow on Twitter* had some version of "R.I.P Big Poppa" as their status?

Still hard to believe that it's been 12 years since he's passed--even harder to believe there are kids who claim to like rap and are unfamiliar with his music--but it is time for a movement that truly honors his legacy.  

Though he and Tupac are remembered for the "East Coast-West Coast beef" that was largely fueled by media sensationalism--and integral in both of their untimely deaths--these icons are so much more than that.

Are we willing to boil their legacies down to the fatal moments that took them from us? 

Billy X. Sunday over at XXL, brought this point up before but I'mma say it again, May 21st is much more important that March 9th. Let's celebrate the day of Biggie's birth if we really appreciate his legacy. 

Go to a great concert, listen to great music, express yourself through poetry/music, or help a young person find their voice through these mediums. 

But don't just stop there. Celebrate June 16th for Tupac. 
May 30th for Big L. 
March 2nd for Scott La Rock. 
January 21st for Jam Master Jay. 
May 17th for Freaky Tah. 
September 9th for Soulja Slim.

Perhaps you find this overwhelming. Or maybe you wanted me to list artists who died non-violent but still too soon (Big Pun, Lefteye, and Aaliyah come to mind).**

We could fill our calendar with days of remembrance of favorite artists who are no longer with us. Let's celebrate these legacies everyday through true appreciation of their art. 

If we can divorce ourselves from our collective infatuation with death dealing, praise the artists that are with us, and make sure new generations NEVER forget the history of our music, then we are doing their legacies justice.

It warmed my heart to see Biggie's lyrics on Facebook all day today, and Diddy twit away with memories of his friend, but let's be back at it on May 21st.

If Hip-Hop will live, it can only do so through an everlasting conversation between generations.

*I've taken to calling the people who follow me on Twitter, "my disciples" (no blasphemy) cuz honestly disciples did follow someone's every word. But what is a good term for the people you follow? P.S. If you wanna follow me on Twitter, the name is I_AM_CtotheB. Preciate it.

**November 9th, May 27th, and January 16th respectively.

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CtotheB said...

Brothers and sisters from the south, please forgive me as I foolishly omitted Pimp C.

Clearly the list mentioned in my post is not exhaustive.

Bob George said...

good post man.

and yes, you are forgiven for leaving out Pimp C lol.

CtotheB said...

Preciate it bruh lol

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