Flower Trash

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In a vase where the roses died, there were some live filler flowers that lingered for many days longer. I don't know the name of what they were. At the time of their demise, petals, leaves and stamens fell on the counter in a lovely arrangement.

It was evening and I didn't have anything much pressing to do, so I got the camera and eventually, after shooting some straight compositions using the ugly overhead kitchen lighting, grabbed the only flashlight handy and began again. The low batteries created a soft addition of shapes and shadows, making everything much more intimate and dramatic.

I really like when situations seem to create themselves as I go about my daily life. For the last year or so, almost each day I shoot at least a frame or more as I move through my day and night. The Canon G10 is always at ready.....like a gunslinger always has his pistol on his hip. It's a weird analogy, perhaps, but I've discovered that sometimes it's like that...the constant practicing...the quick draw when it comes to instantaneous people shots that happen when I'm out and about, sitting in a cafe, on the road, wherever. Then there's the other practicing, which is more like this flower trash situation....the inanimate stuff of life that shows up, or makes itself known if you remember to keep your mind quiet, your eyes new and alert. That becomes what I think of as "sketching". These kinds of studies are fun, playful, and often quite satisfying.

These kinds of images may not directly inform my "serious" work but they consistently go the distance for me, filling my heart with the joy of wandering in the boundless realm of creativity.

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soniak said...

I love your flower trash, ELlen. You go Girl. Who sez this isn't 'serious' Hah! I sez it IS.

Mary said...

When you'd spoken about the beauty of the vase of faded flowers, my thought was finding a painting or photograph. Intuition confirmed! Here's a few links you might be interested in:
Ciel is a friend from SB, an extraordinarily gifted painter, and a passionate Buddhist. Stunning website. From the Bay Area, she's in Santa Fe.
Scott Horton writes about constitutional law, torture, and generally current events. He ALSO provides his own translations of prose and poetry from Greek and Latin, German, Russian, and now Spanish, Scroll down a bit and there's a translation of a poem from the 17th century that I think you'll enjoy. He's also really knowledgeable about music. Enjoy!

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