DJ NY's Fave 5 Music Videos (At The Moment)

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Kanye West "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil

This video has a dope concept, similar to the Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" video, but with more video effects. The video is not actually based on the song, but somehow fits perfectly with it. I must say Kanye's videos are always on point.

KiD CuDi "Day N Nite" Directed by So-Me

In my blog about "Hip-Hop Artists" to watch for, [click here] I mentioned Kid CuDi. He is slowly but surely stepping into the spotlight. His single "Day N Nite" is doing well on the radio right now, and this video is only creating more buzz for the singer/rapper.

Young Jeezy "Circulate" Directed by Gabriel Hart & Terry Richardson

Young Jeezy's album "The Recession" has really grown on me since I have become tired of Lil' Wayne's "Tha Carter III". [As is the case for Lil' Wayne] Young Jeezy is not the best rapper lyrically, but Jeezy's flow and "swagger" on a song makes it hot. It is more of a street album, and it gets my adrenaline rushing. The song "Circulate" has a Curtis Mayfield sort of feel to it; and on the song Jeezy relates money to: himself, the average woman/man, and to America & its economic problems. I like how the video is shot, and the message that Jeezy is sending: don't worry about spending your money unnecessarily, just have a good time while doing it.

Cam'ron "I Hate My Job" Off Crime Pays dropping 4/21

Cam'ron "I Used To Get It In Ohio" Directed By Duane "Bang" Holmes

I also mentioned Cam'ron in "Hip-Hop Artists To Watch Out For". I knew Crime Pays was coming out this year, and if Cam was coming back, he had to knock this album out the park. The first video "I Hate My Job" has a laid back and optimistic feel to it, while the second video "I Used To Get It In Ohio" is more street themed. I like both videos and the idea that Cam is back in the game.

Lil' Wayne "Prom Queen" Directed by Dave Myers

At first, I was not buying the whole Rockstar Wayne thing, as a matter of fact...I'm still not. I did not even like this song that much because the concept of the song has been recycled so many times. Nevertheless, after I watched the video, it made me feel differently. Dave Myers is an excellent video director, and he made the song seem "hot" for the moment. I don't know about rushing to download this song (much less the album), but this video is good (in my opinion).

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