Notorious Art Show: Atlanta - Revisited

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I had a chance to make it to the opening of the Notorious Art Show featuring Craig Henderson and his urban, vibrant, and expressive depictions of Brooklyn and the rappers that emerged from the streets. The art is great. It could be up (and will be!) in modern galleries or in fashion-forward living rooms. I must admit, the pictures above were modified from sub par low light photography and you should really check out Craig's Portfolio for better pictures and information about obtaining prints.
Other than the Notorious series, there is a Obama group, Jazz series, and a cubistic look into African American culture.

The show also included at the show was a photo-realistic painter named Ben Allen. His talent is uncanny to portray the emotion while keeping with photo-esque painting. Below is a picture of Ben explaining his art and the process to an admirer. The openness of the event was incredible. From Henderson to the gallery owner, Mr. Daso, all in the room were open to talking art and easily approachable.

The next few pictures include Craig (the last picture) presenting his work. Enjoy!

Also, a quick plug for an event that opens today (Super Bowl Sunday) at GA. Ltd Gallery. The women of color event will be a great display to start Black History Month in Atlanta and a must see for any art enthusiast. See you there!

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I like the artwork. Nice.

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