How To Write Poems For Bars, Bonfires, and Frat Houses

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Steve Coleman - I Wanna Hear A Poem

Charles Bukowski - Poems Are Beer Shits

John Giorno - We Got Here Yesterday

Suheir Hammad - Mic Check

Tom Waits- Smuggler's Waltz

Anis Mojgani - Rock Out and Shake The Dust

Writing Excercise - Warm Up

Shane Koyczan - Beethoven

Regie Gibson - For James Marshall Hendrix

Writing Excercise - Group

Amir Sulaiman - Danger

Katie Wirsing - Frank Sinatra

Performance Exercise

Patricia Smith - Skin Head

Writing Excercise - Pair Up

Rives - Sign Language

Gideon Grody-Patakin "Touching"

Writing Excercise -

Gimineye - Poetic Bloodline

Long Write

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DJ NY said...

ahhh... i love tom waits

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