Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Be Nothing

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When is it ever okay to witness suffering and do nothing about it?

I can't help but respond to the response to my call of action, which resounds as a call of apathy.

Much love, and I am excited about the dialogue, but I am saddened because the perspective exhibited in this post is not uncommon. 

It must be comforting to discuss human suffering in the most self-removed and theoretical methods. On both sides of the fence, the self-righteous and the indifferent, at their worst are doing nothing. What fails to happen, regardless of their stance, is an honest engagement with their discomfort. 

Even those who seem to not care at all--and watching the playoffs isn't the only criteria for not fact, I don't believe anyone gives their all to the struggle until it reaches their doorstep--have not engaged their discomfort.

And if you've seen the aftermath of this fighting and are not uncomfortable at all, then I believe you have breached your contract with civil society.

Of course a conflict between two states boils down to a struggle for power. 

Yes, citizens of a state have an obligation to hold their government responsible.

But, in this day and age, when we are more globally connected then ever, placing the limits to our civil society within our own nation is outdated. 

That line of thinking is isolationist, utterly selfish and provides a slippery slope that potentially justifies inaction when acts of genocide (apparently the only act smartblackboy feels justifies other nations peeking over the fence) occur. 

It is not a matter of doing what's right simply because so many innocent (I cannot help but assume your definition of "innocent civilian" is framed by making the American experience a universal experience) people are caught in the middle of this. Rather, it is understanding that we are far too connected to view this as their problem. 

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smartblackboy said...

Can you cite a few examples of international relations that can't be defined in terms of power?

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