Knowing When You've Lost (NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions)

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And as much as it hurts, I can't even say I'm mad.

Don't get me wrong, this is by far the most demoralizing loss I've ever seen as a Cowboys fan and it's even more embarassing than Tony's blunder in Seattle.

Let's put this in perspective; this is the same team that was pretty much handed the Lombardi in the preseason, and once Brady went down and Manning's Colts had a lackluster start, there was a strong sentiment that the Superbowl was theirs to lose. Even though the Giants and Titans were tearing up the schedule, there was a sense that this was the Cowboys' season and they were throwing it away. 

After Sunday's 44-6 whoopin from the Eagles, consider it thrown. 

Funny how preseason hype (Favre to the Jets, Cowboys as unstoppable) means so little and when it comes down to it...all that matters is how the games are played.

Come on, did you expect to see this weekend's wildcard schedule look like THIS?

Atlanta at Arizona

You have the team who lost their franchise QB and was sooo bad last season that their coach jumped ship before the season ended versus a team that hadn't won a division title since Ford was in office.

I expect an incredibly high scoring game as the offenses on both clubs are potent. Arizona's defense is suspect and I don't expect them to prevail.

Prediction: ATL 34 ARI 20

Indy at San Diego

It disgusts me that San Diego can win their division and make the playoffs when good clubs like New England (11-5 and no playoffs! What?!) are on the outside looking in. I was mad earlier in the season about the NFC North and NFC West getting playoff positions but I don't support any of the NFC teams who didn't make it. (Including my Cowboys who are closer to winning a daytime Emmy than the Lombardi trophy)

I'm feeling the Colts right now (not jumping on the bandwagon, I'm just sayin, real recognize real) and expect them to stomp the life out of the Chargers in this matchup. 

I also wanna give Peyton Manning his props for winning his 3rd MVP trophy. Part of me wants to hate but honestly he is turning football into a one man sport every game he goes out there. And his commercials are getting funnier. Observe:

Prediction: Colts 17 Chargers 3

Baltimore at Miami

Dolphins fans have to be confused. Last year you have the Patriots threaten Don Shula and company from poppin champagne  (ohhhh) and your squad plays abominable football and now Parcells brings in former rival Chad Pennington and y'all win the division. 


Don't front like you thought Brady and Favre would be watching Chad in January!

And they better tune in this weekend...cause I believe this will be a one and done affair for Miami this month.

The Ravens are doing their thing and I don't see Miami stopping them. Their defense is looking 2000esque and no one can deny Flacco has exceeded expectations. 

Don't expect this one to be a shootout fact, you might just wanna follow this one on the ticker.

Prediction: Baltimore 10 Miami 6

Philly at Minnesota

This one is hard for me to call. 

I spent most of the season bashing the NFC North and making fun of my roommate for being a Vikings fan. His hatred for Brad Childress is hilarious and I might have to interview him on Art Star so y'all can feel his disdain.

Watching Philly play on Sunday, they were so focused. Granted, they were playing at home against a division rival for a shot at the playoffs BUT they were playing on a level I hadn't seen from them since the early 2000's when they used to win the division. (nightmares!)

You have two teams that frustrate their fan base because they have the potential to be much more. Coming off of solid and necessary wins, their respective readiness should be there. Minnesota is at home but they're really gonna need Adrian Peterson to be healthy and Tavaris not to mess up. (I'm begging you, and I don't even like y'all like that.)

With that said, Philly has the better defense, better coach, and better quarterback so I believe they will win. 

But it's just like Philly to lose the week I actually think they will win. 

Philly 19 Minnesota 10

I hate the Eagles.

Listen to the soundtrack of my nightmares:

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