Journeys with a Camera on My Back: Rolling Rivers

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Slowly but surely, I am becoming obsessed with photography. It has it's pouch that is inevitably attached to my back the second I know I'm headed to a new place. Progressing through the trips, here is the filtered, pixelated fun that has ended up on my hard drive.DSC03052
Simplicity is fun. I've enjoyed filling up each memory card with 800 or so pictures of nothing. After letting those pictures sit for one or two weeks, going back through the common and uneventful to find little gems like this. Though it looks like a stock picture from a hosting site, it embodies peace and tranquility. Just think... Messy Zen garden. Let's be honest; there wasn't anything special in the clicking of the button but there was something about the natural placement of the leaves that said "CAPTURE ME!"


This next one doesn't vary in colors but adds the refreshing stream. Still having a calming effect, running water is a gentle warmth. The shot isn't exactly level and because it was taken from a low level with out a tripod, is lacking the expected clarity. However, there is good contrast for the limited light that we had.

Finally we have a little photoshopping on a wide angle shot of the river. Strong contrast alterations with curves were used on the trees on the left and the right of the river. Very light contrast changes were used on the rock and algae with a bit of cleaning up in the sky. The effects give the illusion of a flash in the foreground that extends throughout the rocks and into the pathway of the river.


The colors on these pictures were a bit drab but it comes with the territory of a Thanksgiving weekend in the Smokeys. Next up in the journeys collection... Louisville.

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WHayes said...

These locations make you wanna make out.

Anonymous said...

The visuals that you capture with your lens are only rivaled by the illumination of your under-writing. Both are creations of the abstract - and they are static in a dynamic and ever-changing world. And art exists in both........


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