"If You're Saying It, Then it must be alright...right?" Part I

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Art Star pham,

I have something I need to get off my chest. Perhaps you too have noticed this for a while and I hope it bothers you. What I'm talking about is media outlets using black journalists and commentators to communicate messages saturated in oppression. So many of these articles I see on ESPN.com, video clips of D.L Hughley on CNN (with no one asking the obvious question...why is D.L Hughley on CNN?!), and the least of these...Chocolate News.

I remember cringing whenever I'd see Juan Williams on Fox News but held hope that he was just trying to destroy Fox News from the inside. Kinda like a double agent. Because honestly, can anyone really believe this:

But even if my hope is misguided and Juan Williams really does believe this nonsense, I don't think I could ever call him the most self-depricating black man in the media. After all, we all should get that Fox is about as fair and balanced as Zimbabwean politics

So who are the greater dangers out there? To me, it is much more devastating when the divisive and destructive messages are implicit. The much more compelling medium of entertaining news is employed and provides nothing but embarrassment. 

Now in a world where Daily Show and Colbert Report are critically acclaimed, entertaining, and informative, why do we have Chocolate News?!

I never thought I would see the day when Mind of Mencia would be supplanted as the worst show on Comedy Central, nor the day when Flavor of Love was no longer the most self-depricating show on television. This show is deplorable.

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WHayes said...

I feel you, sir. Although I had to give DAG a little credit when, on Chocolate News, he ran a fake cover of Jet magazine with Robert Townsend on the cover reading "Big Ego, Little Talent." Other than that, I don't watch that mess.

Although, I'm still not really sure where the negro correspondents on The Daily Show are registering with me. That one's still up in the air.

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