Theater of the Mind vs. 808's & Heartbreak

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Today, Novemer 24, 2008, KanYe West will be releasing his 4th album. Last year, KanYe's 3rd album, Graduation was up against 50 Cent's Curtis. KanYe outsold 50's album 957,000 copies to 691,000 copies in the 1st week. This year, he is up against another hip-hop heavywieght: Ludacris. Will he do it again against the self-proclaimed Undisputed Champion of Hip-Hop?

Throughout this year, KanYe has been through a lot of tragedy. He has been through the loss of his mom, the break up with his fiance, and still had to find time to do The Glow in the Dark tour, around the world. On 808's and Heartbreak, he writes songs mainly about these things, this time not in the form of bars or creative lyrics, but in what he calls "pop-art". KanYe defines it as, "...a mixed drink. It’s Auto-Tune meets distortion, with a bit of delay on it and a whole bunch of f*cked up life. And that’s what I call my "Heartbreak". And that’s what every record basically has...I’m delivering what I feel like is art, and that’s what I want to deliver from this point on. The records I’m doing right now might not have high hats and sh*t like everything else has...On this record I’m trying to improve my craft and take it a level that no n***a ever made it to."

Songs such as "Love Lockdown" and "Heartless" shows the state of mind that KanYe is in and it is most definitely different than anything that I ever heard.

I've had the pleasure of hearing this album in its entirety. For the most part it grows on me everytime I hear it. I think its the most different transition an artist has made and it can be compared to the emotion of a Gnarls Barkley record. I can feel and relate to what KanYe is talking about in his songs. People need to give this album a chance and stop putting it down because he doesn't rap on this. Yes, it is all singing from Ye on this album. He has 2 guest appearances from Young Jeezy (who does rap on the song "Amazing") and Lil Wayne (who continues to autotune on the song "See You In My Nightmares". I would say you could not compare this album to Ye's others; and as a fan of MUSIC, I would say that it is better than the average material that comes from some of our veteran artists in the game. TODAY, ON NOVEMBER 24TH, I WILL BE BUYING THIS ALBUM...

Ludacris has created a lot of buzz over the summer with his outspoken views on the election, on the song "Politics as Usual". His mixtape with DJ Drama, The Preview, is one of my favorite mixtapes of this year. He could have made that mixtape into an album and I would have been happy.

Theater of the Mind  is very complete and has a guest appearance on each song. I can put this album up there with LAX and Untitled. If you are a fan of witty punchlines or just real hip-hop, Luda gives it to you from start to finish. The album has guest appearances from: T.I., Plies, Floyd Mayweather, Willy Northpole (be on the lookout for this guy), The Game, T-Pain, Nas, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Chris Rock, Ving Rhames, Playaz Circle, Chris Brown, Sean Garrett, Jamie Foxx, Lil' Wayne, Common, and Spike Lee. I might say that this is Ludacris's best album if not top two. One can tell that, the time he took off was to put everything he had into this album. I'm pretty sure that any hip-hop fan will be able to appreciate Luda's new album and not regret buying it. I WILL ALSO BE COPPING THIS ALBUM TODAY...


Ye will do better, numbers wise because of his bigger fan base. I also think that people will underestimate both albums, but I'm telling you that there is no reason why you should. There is so much emotion on both albums, and both albums got pushed back for a reason. They wanted to make sure that everything was complete and that it was the right time to put out their work.

1st week- Ye: 751,000 copies - Luda: 491,000

I think both Ye will go platinum 2nd or 3 week, and by Christmas Luda will go platinum.

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CtotheB said...

Although I am certain this is the first Kanye album I will not purchase, I respect his artistic genius and his need to pour all that tragedy on wax.

Luda's album is fire and I am almost hype enough to go buy the record.

Why such unreadiness?

Cuz it's a recession!

DJ NY said...

I'm telling you the Luda is fire man. I have it.

You won't be disappointed...cuz its raw!!!

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