Point and Shoot: Learn From The Best

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Paul's display at The Contemporary was my first photography exhibition and it left me wanting more. More insight from the artist. More pictures. More time to stand in awe.

Mr. Shambroom is an interesting fellow (listen to the forum and Q & A here). His jokes, rather dry. His subject interests float from one subject to the next like a curious youth. And his commitment to finishing a project is incredible.


(Shambroom, far right)

Throughout the exhibit there were three projects that Shambroom brought for his tour.

1) Special Ops:

This first theme was just bazaar (photo above). In the forum the audience and the panel discussed the similarities to these figures and men in medieval portraits with armor on or how they were incredibly similar to a department or sporting good catalog, glorifying the weapons and machinery. Though digital editing was addressed, the exact degree was left unexplained by Shambroom. Surely, intentional but frustrating for a growing photographer. One thing I loved was the pride that the photo shoots brought each of the military/ police groups. It was a way to showcase what they did and how they did it. However, Shambroom indicated that was not exactly the intention


2) Simply Nuclear:

The name sums it up. The big thing discussed was the need for 6-18 months of preparation and work on clearance to get the ball moving and gain access to the facilities.


3) Board Rooms:

The most intriguing part of this series was the comfort and candidness that each photo displayed. The photo above was by far my favorite. The five women in the council meeting and skepticism ranging from "are you serious" to "oh, well that's may be a valid point but..." to "oh hell nah..." and an absent member, the chair, a man of undetermined background. Surely interesting to try to come up with stories. Any ideas?

Thoroughly impressed by each of his pieces and the use of canvas instead of fine photo paper again gave the impression of a portrait instead of a daily photograph. If you're in the ATL check out the exhibit at the contemporary until November 30th, I highly suggest it.

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